Equity Investment + Active Participation

HireEquity invests financial and human capital in exchange for equity. We actively participate in our portfolio companies – either as an operating partner, strategic advisor, board member, coach or mentor – so that we can proactively guide founders, executives and their companies to succeed.

Depending on your needs, HireEquity will provide some or all of the following services:

Future State Analysis + Directional Strategy

  • Assess where you are, identify where you want to be – and determine the actions you need to take to get there within a specific time frame

Operational Strategy

  • Establish a strong operational foundation to support dynamic growth

Financial Strategy

  • Employ advanced budgeting, operational accounting, financial modeling and projection tools and processes to ensure stability and support growth –  enabling you to focus on scaling your business

Human Capital + Staffing Strategy

  • Recruit and hire the best employees, at the appropriate time, for the right price
  • Elevate your leadership skills, nurture talent and build outstanding leadership teams
  • Effectively manage your millennial, GenX or intergenerational workforce
  • Develop and maintain a positive, energized, engaged company culture – so you can attract and retain top talent

Branding + Marketing Strategy

  • Drive brand exposure, increase brand recognition and enhance credibility
  • Determine effectiveness of marketing campaigns through testing and measurement
  • Scale and grow your product lines, services, verticals, industries, geographic regions, customer base – and, ultimately, sales and revenue

Sales + Account Management Strategy

  • Develop a well-defined, workable plan for selling
  • Build an effective, right-sized sales team – based on products, services, industries, verticals, geographic regions and customer base
  • Determine who owns sales and who owns accounts

Change Management Strategy

  • Manage short- and long-term transitions within your company

Exit Strategy

  • Optimize your business for a successful exit – such as an M&A – from the start

Networking Strategy

  • Enhance credibility and connect with partners who can provide key resources to help your company scale
  • Gain access to qualified potential investors and buyers

HireEquity can steer your company in the right direction. Contact us to learn more.