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  • Paul’s entrepreneurial background is a big selling point. As an operating partner to our portfolio companies, he provides capital and, more importantly, experience-based strategic guidance, human capital advice and leadership coaching. He also offers access to additional key resources through his extended business network. Paul is positive, energetic and fun, and our portfolio companies love to work with him. It’s win, win, win!

    Rakesh Gupta
    Managing Partner, KiwiVenture Partners | Chairman and CEO, KiwiTech
  • Paul has a unique skill set for an equity investor and an advisory board member. He was the founder and CEO of a human capital and staffing company that he led, raised capital for, operated, grew and successfully sold.

    For Relish, which is in the same industry, Paul has extremely applicable experience. He not only takes the time to visit our offices on a regular basis and provide concrete, well-rounded advice on company structure, revenue contract structure, sales processes, operations and hiring the right people at the right time, he also helps us raise more capital for the business and introduces us to his network so we can make additional valuable connections. Paul is authentic and trustworthy – a true sounding board who we know is on our side.

    Most advisors have expertise in just one thing, but Paul knows so many things that he can help with everything! That’s key when you’re looking for a trusted advisor – you want someone who is well-versed across the board when it comes to starting, operating, leading and growing a company to a successful exit. If you’re looking for advice on how to build your company, you want Paul on your team.

    Sarah Rumbaugh
    CEO, Relish Careers
  • Paul is exceptional at evaluating and managing talent, and excels at strategy and long range planning. He provides smart, thoughtful advice on all aspects of the business, from human resources to capital raising. He has tremendous integrity, and he’s honest, trustworthy and diligent. He’s been a great sounding board.

    Steve Milo
    Managing Member, Founder and Owner, Vacation Rental Pros Property Management
  • Paul’s expertise in human capital is what initially caught my eye. He’s helping me build America Funding Loans’ operations team, so I can delegate and focus on scaling the business.

    He’s an investor, operating partner, member of the board of advisors – and is going to help build the board. He’s provided first-rate feedback on raising capital, and he’s introduced me to potential investors. He’s terrific to bounce ideas off and, because he’s a successful entrepreneur, he knows what it’s like to be in my shoes.

    What’s particularly great about Paul is he’s always available, even though he’s so busy. I value his candor. He challenges me, asks hard questions – and I know it’s because he cares about me and my company. Paul is someone I can turn to, again and again.

    Phillip Baltazar
    Founder and CEO, America Funding Loans, LLC
  • Paul is CYwP Fund’s trusted advisor when we’re considering investing in the human capital and staffing industry. He’s highly responsive to our diligence needs, provides astute, insightful feedback and brings focus to our investment process. Having him as a partner enhances our credibility as a potential investor, and he adds even more value because of his willingness to have skin in the game. We highly recommend Paul – without question, he’s our go-to resource in the industry.

    Ethan Assal
    Managing Partner, CYwP Fund | Chairman and CEO, Verasolve
  • Paul started as a mentor for the day-to-day operations of Patient Ready Clinicians, and now he’s an investor, a board member and a friend.

    He’s provided strategic growth plans that have made the company more efficient and effective. He’s fostered my leadership ability. He’s mentored our younger staff. We’ve definitely seen positive results over time.

    Paul knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. There’s nothing he hasn’t seen or been through before, so he’s always sympathetic and encouraging. He shares his knowledge with me and the company, so we can plan and respond appropriately.

    Paul is a tremendous resource. He invests as much in the person as in the business, and he challenges both to improve. I know he’s there for me and my company, and that’s invaluable.

    Ian Koons
    Founder and CEO, Patient Ready Clinicians
  • Paul built a business from the ground up, so he brings entrepreneurial attitude and operational experience to the table when he invests in a company. That’s what makes Paul different – and that’s why, for any company looking for an active investor, Paul’s a great candidate. Especially for early stage companies, having an investor and operating partner who’s been through the entire lifecycle of a company – from startup through a successful exit – is invaluable.

    Cal Simmons
    Washington, D.C. Chair, TIGER 21

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