Our Process

How We Invest


  • HireEquity provides flexible growth capital through equity investments in operating companies that are at a growth inflection point. We actively participate in our portfolio companies, partnering with entrepreneurs to help turn their business dreams into reality.

Adding Value

  • HireEquity’s experienced entrepreneurs and former C-suite executives add value through a combination of growth capital, directional strategy, operational expertise, board-level advising and access to influential industry relationships. We believe that our equity combined with our expertise give our portfolio companies a critical competitive advantage.

Operating Partner

  • For many portfolio companies, HireEquity leverages an operating partner model. We provide insightful, strategic, partner-level advice regarding capital development, operational infrastructure, human capital, financial engineering, marketing, business development, exit strategy and more.

Human Capital + Staffing

  • Human capital and staffing is in HireEquity’s DNA. Our broad and deep industry experience allows us to provide informed, thoughtful guidance to help entrepreneurs become better leaders, build effective management teams, and hire and retain employees motivated to help the company level up.


  • HireEquity is passionate about helping portfolio companies exceed their goals for growth. We seek entrepreneurs who share our drive to create, run and scale valuable businesses optimized for profitable exits.

Where We Invest


HireEquity is industry agnostic, but primarily focused on:

  • Human capital and staffing
  • Financial services
  • Real estate
  • Technology and software
  • Healthcare
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Travel and hospitality


  • Privately owned
  • Skilled, knowledgeable management team with ownership interest
  • Post-revenue preferred

Use of Funds

  • Enhancing human capital and staffing resources
  • Updating and innovating software and hardware
  • Marketing, sales, lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Product development
  • Scaling and optimizing for a successful exit

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